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Poor Francis was morbidly obese when she arrived!
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Francis was adopted in 2004 and looks great now thanks to walks with her mom.

Francis - the "after shot" in 2006
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This dog is so much happier after not being overfed

We are getting in way too many obese and overly fat Dachshunds to our rescue.  Then we have to help them drop all the weight before they going to their new homes and it takes several months to have them drop the excess weight safely by cutting the food intake slowly and adding exercise.  And we are still seeing way too many fat Dachshunds around town so it was time to let people know how to feed their dogs and tell if your dog is too fat.
Below is a weight chart to tell if you are overfeeding your family's pet and letting them eat themselves to an early grave.  It is better for a dog to be too thin according to the vet then fed your dog to death because many overweight dogs experience many of the same health problems that too fat or obese people do.  
And below is a feeding schedule for dogs too so you know how much you should be feeding.
Please do not overfeed your dogs! 

The ideal weight - notice how the wasit goes up
copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2004
Also notice muscling but no backbone

Mindy a month of being fed, notice the backbone?
Copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2004
This dog was starving when she arrived. Adopted from our rescue in 2004.

Sweet Tessa is a little too round here, a fat girl
Copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2004
Tessa was adopted from our rescue in 2004.

Gretchen is too thin here and needed two pounds
Copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2004
Gretchen was adopted from our rescue in 2003.

Dachshund Feeding Schedule:


Minis (7 – 12 pounds) and Rabbit-sized (6 pounds and under) dogs should be fed cup of dog food or less each day


Tweenies (13 – 16 pounds) and small Standard-sized (17+ pounds) dogs should be fed no more than 1 cup of food a day.  Large standards, over 30+ pounds, can be fed up to two plus cups of food a day if they are active.


This feeding schedule will vary with the activity level of your dog.  You should be able to look down from above and still see a waistline drawn below.  And you should still be able to still feel the dog’s ribs but not see them.  Those are both good indicators if your dog is obese or at it’s ideal weight.


Below are drawing of ideal and obese Dachshunds so you can tell when to increase feed (for active dogs) or decrease feed as needed.  I am drawing with a mouse, but you can see what is meant by ideal weight.

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