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Re-opening news video in April 2010! We are now back after the fire.
OUR RESCUE WAS CLOSED FOR A BIT: a House Fire and How Folks Can Help Our Rescue, October 2009
Clean-up after the house fire, 2009, with photos
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MEMBERSHIP: Dachshund Club of Spokane info
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Sarah Schak - Windy Acre Ranch, Deer Park, WA raging puppy mill!
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Dave, one of our July 2009 rescues
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Click this link to see another web site with some DCS event photos over the years. We do have fun with our dogs in our wiener dog social club.

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SEE OUR YEARLY CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE CLUB AND THE RESCUE BELOW!  The membership info is at the bottom of this long page.  To order our club shirts from the makers directly please see the left hand column below.


Members are welcome from anywhere and your fees go to plan club events throughout the year.  All events are planned for you to bring your dog(s) and family.   See club yearly calendar below the membership info below. Please send me an email to join in the fun with your purebred and partbred Dachshund.  Even if you have any breed of dog and want to join you are welcome to do so as long as they are a small breed under 45 pounds to attend the events.  Become a new member today!  


Many more club details below..


REMEMBER!!! YOUR YEARLY DOXIE CLUB DUES ARE DUE EACH JANUARY.  The club dues run from January to January.  Thanks for renewing or joining our fun "wiener dog social club.". 

See page two of this web site for our events for 2011!

To join this club is pretty easy.  Please email me the following details:

Your name, your complete address with city, state and zip, day time number, cell number as well as how many wieners are in your family. Please let us know how you heard about the dog club and rescue too if you do not mind.

Please email to Margo at dragoonfr @ hotmail.com (please remove the spaces before emailing)

I had a lovely form for this, but computers were sending me garbage emails.  I will try it this way for a while.  Thanks again for joining this club. 

Thanks in advance for sending all the information above.  We will NEVER share your information for any reason.

If you want to pay your yearly club dues via Pay Pal you can use that email above.  Thanks.  Or if you prefer you can mail your membership information to Margo Mossburg, DRNW Director, PO Box 1383, Airway Heights, WA, 99001 with the information requested above.  Thanks again for supporting our dog club and rescue.

Club membership dues are only $20 per family!  You get:  


FYI:  This is a very informal club meetings now and then and no club officers.  We are a doggy social club only .  We meet infrequently as we voted to use the club money towards family fun events like parades, booths at pet fests, BBQs at the dog rescue, etc.  We will stay that way until we vote as a club to have officers.  Otherwise fun events are planned by the Director of Dachshund Rescue NW and everyone shows up for four and two footed fun.  Watch this site on page two for any upcoming events.  I will try to send reminder emails with about two weeks notice to your email for all upcoming events to attend with your dogs and family.  If you want more notice please check the event page on this site, page two at any time.


1. If you are looking to adopt a new doggy let me know you have been a part of this dog club so you get first choice on any of our rescued dogs.  We adopt out an average of 65 dogs a year and love placing them with folks who already know this breed well.  You can check out our web site at any time for our current dogs needing homes www.drnw.petfinder.org


2. Wiener Walks in the Park a couple times a summer.  We just meet and go for a walk as a group.  These are always planned weather permitting so watch page two of this web site for details.


3. Fun photos taken at all our fun events and posted on this site.


4. Occasional e-mails complete with updates and info about recent and upcoming events.  (We want to avoid paying postage if possible so we keep in touch via email to members.)


5. Club organization of special events like the St. Patty's Day Parade in Spokane with email notification of where and when to attend with your dog.  (In 2012 we want 100 Wieners on Parade so please tell your friends and neighbors to join our dog club.  Non-club members can walk as well so tell your wiener buds to join us.)  This is the only parade we are doing each year now.


6. Discounts for pet photos from Dragoon Studios.  Let them know you are a club member and receive 20% off of all your pet, family and equine portraits.  www.dragoonstudios.net  Check out the site for portfolio.  All dog club photos on this site are taken by Dragoon Studios.


7. Volunteer opportunities to help socialize dogs from the rescue at the Wiener Ranch and bring your dogs too.


8. Annual Potluck in April and several times throughout the summer months (dates subject to change so watch page two of this web site for event updat) for fun and hot dogs.  In April we are calling it the "Twenty Years of Recycling the Used Wieners Party!"  We started April 11, 1991 and parties at the farm always includes you, your family and your dogs. 


9. Costume Contests at area pet stores for Halloween if the club decides to go.  In 2010 we met at a horse event for our annual costume party.  (The Xmas Party was fun but the weather can be so extreme in Christmas so as a club we voted to not be traveling for that any longer when the month is so darn busy with friends and family.)


10. In September there is Responsible Dog Ownership Day at ValleyFest in the Spokane Valley.  We try to have a booth there each year to show off dogs needing new homes.  This is also weather permitting.  If raining then we do not go.


So let's have fun with our dog buddies.  Join us!  Please email the info and pay your membership dues to the address given below.  Even if you do not like attending club events your $20 a year helps us with the rescued dogs.  Thanks in advance.




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