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Dachshund Rescue NW near Spokane, Wash.  We do have fun with our dog rescue hobby with events, placing dogs and educating the public about spaying and neutering their pets.  In 2013, we placed a record number of homeless wiener dogs with 126 of them and we placed 120 in 2012, another new record placed for the year.  Thanks to all our many fun volunteers, old and new, and your donations to help us in this horrible economy to help place all these homeless wiener dogs.  See other yearly counts on all that we have helped below.  We have now rescued 1000th homeless dog now placed in October 2013 and will be celebrating our 23rd year in used wiener recycling starting in April 1991!


Yes we are rebuilt and running once again from our fire that took out four buildings.  See those links and photos from the rebuild.


Photo courtesy of www.dragoonstudios.net 2007

Welcome to Dachshund Rescue NW (DRNW) & Dachshund Club of Spokane's (DCS) web site.  We update this web site often, usually weekly, so be sure to check back often.  DCS is a doggy social club rather than a formal dog club so no meetings, but we do have a lot of fun at BBQs, parades, Wiener Walks in the Park, adoption events for rescues and more.  Join the fun and need not have a dog to come play with us as we loan out our rescues so they can have a fun day too and get socialized.

TO PLACE a dog with us please click this link and read this FAQ page

TO ADOPT a dog from us please click this link and read this FAQ page

To find photos of our past events please click here to go to that web site.

Click this link to see our Wish List. We are always looking for new or used items like dog toys, balls of all sizes and used bed linens. Click here to read more. Thanks!

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Some of our 2009 rescues before they moved
copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2009
From left: Dave (Behind), Jasmine, Rock, Stella Rae, Anna and Cedar

October 2013 with that current herd!
copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2013
"Here kitty kitty!"

APRIL 2014:  We have placed 32 dogs this year and counting.
2013:  We have adopted 126 dogs in 2013, a new record.  We also helped place three homeless horses while volunteering with the local horse rescuer while being a horse foster home.
2012: We adopted out 120 homeless wiener doggies and three rescued horses in 2012, yet another new record for dog adoptions!

2011: DRNW adopted out 90 happy dogs.  We also placed three horses that we worked and rehomed from our farm.  We also worked with a herd of eight abandoned horses in November 2011 to see they all were placed into a local horse rescue to find new homes. 

2010: We adopted 65 happy dogs and three rescued horses in 2010 even while rebuilding from a fire in 2009 that took out the house, garage and two outbuildings.  See photos form that on this web site.  The horse barn was fine so we just rebuilt and got back to work rehoming wieners like always.  We officially reopened in April 2010 after rebuilding that past winter.
2009: We adopted 71 happy dogs from our home even with the house, garage and two outbuildings fire in October in addition to the four dogs that we had to place from the area shelter when the house burned down.  And we placed two rescued horses that we retrained as well. 
2008: DRNW adopted 59 happy dogs, a new record for us!
2007: DRNW adopted out 38 happy dogs this year.
2006: DRNW adopted out 30 happy dogs, one horse and six cats also this year.   (We helped less critters this year due to the Director's major car wreck, but up to full speed again for us in 2007!)
2005:  DRNW adopted 47 happy dogs, a new record for us!
2004:  DRNW adopted out 42 dogs, a new record for us!  
2003: DRNW adopted out 35 dogs and four horses and one cat, a new record for us!
2002: DRNW adopted out 33 dogs, a new record for us!  
We did not keep really keep good records of how many needy wieners we have helped over the years before 2001, but we are guessing that we have help to place well over 950+ rescues as of 2013.  That is a very conservative guess.  And only 13 dogs have ever been returned, most of those because of family situations or the economy.  All of those 13 were successfully placed in their forever homes the second time around because we do screen our adopters and do test drives.
We also have been rescuing some horses for the last 25 years too, but we have not kept count.  We just helped those we saw in need.  But we have placed around 65 head of horses and ponies so far.  The horse rescue is a hobby and we do not do it full-time.  We just help when we see a horse in need to keep it from going to an auction to wind up on someone's plate!  Horses are not steak.

Dachshund Rescue NW equals "Happy wiener dogs to great, forever families!"

DRNW Mission Statement:

1. To educate the public about controlling the pet over population through responsible spaying and neutering of their pets and to let the public know how many purebreds end up in shelters plus how many are being destroyed each year here from being unwanted and overbred. 
2. To let the public know about the history of the Dachshund breed about how they are hunting dogs and all that entails. The education also includes that this breed is not always suitable for every home especially those with very young children or those without secure, fenced yards and how noisy and active a hunting breed can be and all the training needed to be owned by this breed.
3. To let everone know that we usually have a dog club event about once a month in nicer weather for the Dachshund Club of Spokane members like potluck picnics, attendance in four area parades and holiday parties for the dogs, Dachshund Training Days, etc., and use those events to get our homeless wieners out in public so they can be adopted to forever families.

Wienerfest Spokane Picnic & Potluck BBQ Fundraiser
copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2010
Edgar, left, and Britches, right, in Wiener Wading Pool

Did you know we turn away over 500+ Dachshunds each year because we can only help around 70 dogs a year on average?  Please think twice about breeding yet another unwanted litter of pups.  Plus that is just in this area as this breed that is being horribly overbred and that count does not include other breeds.  In Spokane County alone they kill over 6,000 dogs each yeer in area shelters and that count does not include dogs being destroyed by area vets.  Even purebred pups eventually grow up and become puppy terrorists without their people spending time or training with them.  Why?  When people do not do their dog breed research before buying a pup so many end up being killed if rescuers like us did not take them in for more training, evaluation and placement.  Please consider adopting a homeless dog instead of breeding yet another litter of pups that we might have to rescue later on.  Thank you! 

Our rescue's past mascot is Bad Baby Bogart, who passed away on October 17, 2010 due to cancer.  He was also a rescue that we decided to keep as our rottenly spoiled dog buddy.  Click Bad Baby's photo below to see his large web site with his funny stories, videos and dog photos of his wiener adventures since we were blessed with him in our lives to represent all homeless wieners at our dog events.
Below is our first two rescues and rescue's previous mascots, Hunter and Oscar who have gone on to Doggy Heaven as well in 2007 and 2005.

copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2005

RIP Hunter, back, and Oscar, our first two rescues
copyright www.dragoonstudios.net 2003
Photo in 2003 at age 12 - click here for their page.

Rescue Me!


Click this photo to see our fundraising products!
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All products sold will benefit Dachshund Rescue NW


We  Support Pet Adoption

Click this is a link for a web site for a local puppy mill Dachshund breeder with graphic photos of her dead and dying animals on their junk yard of a farm when they were also a fake horse rescue, Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue. Now they are called Pine Hollow Dachshunds formerly Sleepy Hollow Dachshunds and they sell their unhealthy pups via a broker in the Spokane Valley. We have already rescued six of their mentally ill and unhealthy dogs and I am sure we will rescue more as time goes on. Plus they are now selling show rabbits now called the Rabbit Schak after they were kicked out of birds in this town and later horses for their fake horse rescue. Law enforcement closed them down in 2005 when their director was convicted if animal cruely. Please do not let people meet you in town or in parking lots to sell you Dachshund pups, but please ALWAYS do insist that you see where the pups are raised and their relatives or you might just be buying a mentally ill and unhealthy pup from a puppy mill breeder like this one. Thanks for clicking.



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